What is Resin Bound surfacing?

Resin Bound Surfacing is a very strong and hard wearing fully permeable encapsulated natural aggregate surface that is finished by hand with a trowel to give it a great looking smooth finish. It comes in many different colours giving the customer a vast range of options and design capabilities. All our Resin Bound Surfaces fully meet the demands of sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) and no planning permission is required when installing a surface of this type.

We recommend a complete full system for all resin driveways and patios but we are able to install a resin surface over an existing driveway if the drive is concrete or tarmac and in good condition, we would simply prepare, treat and clean the surface and hand trowel the resin and aggregate on top. We use UV stable resins to all of our surfaces ensuring the best quality finish and protecting the surface from sunlight damage. Non UV stable resins are available and we will only use these if a customer prefers but it will discolour the surface after a few months exposure to sunlight.

What are the advantages?

  • Durable – Hardwearing and long lasting.
  • Seamless Finish – Ideal for disabled access, children, pushchairs and bicycles.
  • Permeable – Does not gather or collect puddles.
  • Low Maintenance – Very little or no maintenance required and no weed growth
  • Colour Stable – Colour remains true in sunlight.
  • Smooth Finish – Smooth finish with no loose stone.
  • Selection – A vast range of colour options available

The full Installation of a resin bound drive way will require:

  • Full dig out and removal of the existing ground to a depth of approx. 250mm – 300mm.
  • 170mm – 190mm layer of ‘Type 1 MOT’ crushed concrete is placed for the stability and drainage requirements.
  • A sub-base binder layer of approximately 60mm – 70mm depth of open course Tarmac.
  • Finally 18mm of the chosen resin aggregate mix applied and smoothed to a hand troweled finish.
  • Normally a block edge will be installed around the perimeter of the driveway to give a great looking finish and act as a boundary to Resin up to.

Colours available for Resin driveways

Yellow – 10mm
Red – 1-3mm
Daltex Salmon Pink – 2-5mm
Daltex Golden Pea – 2-5mm
Daltex Autumn Quartz – 2-5mm
Brittany Bronze – 1-3mm
Yellow – 1-4mm
Daltex Devon Yellow – 2-5mm
Daltex Red – 2-5mm
Daltex Golden Pea – 1-3mm
Daltex Autumn Quartz – 1-3mm
Amber Gold – 1-4mm
Staffordshire Pink – 2-5mm
Daltex White Flint – 2-5mm
Daltex Green – 2-5mm
Daltex Black – 2-5mm
Brittany Bronze – 10mm
Pearl Quartz -2-5mm
Silver – 1-3mm
Daltex Silver – 2-5mm
Daltex Golden Quartz – 2-5mm
Daltex Beige – 2-5mm
Brittany Bronze – 2-5mm
Chinese Bauxite – 1-3mm